About Boca Fizz

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What is Boca? Why are we trying to do? What is sparkling water?

We are on a mission to reclaim the joy of fizz. For some reason, in India aerated beverages or "gas" as we like to call it, gets a bad rep.

But fizz is not bad at all. Did you know that the CDC recommends drinking sparkling water as a healthy alternative to aerated soft drinks and other high-calorie beverages?

The real culprit in aerated soft drinks is sugar and artificial sweetners. Traditional soft drinks are full of them, and juices don't do any better. (Once you juice a fruit you lose all the fibre and are left with mostly fruit sugar and water).

So for anyone who wants a healthy, fun and refreshing beverage, we are left with little choice.

We love fizz.

Truth is, half the fun of a beverage comes from the fizz. Who doesn't enjoy the refreshing tingles of a sparkling beverage on your tongue on a hot day? Fizz is the perfect accompaniment to everything from pizza to pav bhaji to tandoori chicken. 

This is where Boca comes in. All fizz. Zero Guilt.

Our mission is to reclaim the joy of fizz, bubbles, sparkles, whatever you like to call it. With fizzy beverages that are healthy. Starting with our delicious sparkling natural mineral water crafted from pristine water sourced from the Himalayan foothills. 

One last thing...what's with the name?

What does Boca mean? Well, you naughty Bengalis are already completing the word in your head, aren't you? Well, we don't mind that connotation, because fizz requires a little bit of fun and a little bit of idiocy. Turns out Boca means lots of different things in different languages. One that we like is Spanish, where it means mouth. But mostly we like how that word sounds, Bo-c-aaaah! With a satisfying and refreshing end. Just what a sparkling beverage should taste like.

May the fizz be with you ✌🏼