Boca answers India's most searched questions about "sparkling water"

You’ve probably seen ‘sparkling water’ on restaurant menus, or heard a friend mention it and wondered exactly what it is. What does it taste like? Where does it come from? Is it anything like soda? Is it just regular water with a great personality?

Is sparkling water just regular water with a great personality?

Well, Boca is here to help you figure all this out, and to get you started on your education. We found a few frequently asked questions about sparkling water on Google, and we’ll do our best to give you all the answers you need.


Let's start with the obvious ones "sparkling water meaning" and "sparkling water vs soda"

What is sparkling water and how is it different from soda?

At its simplest, sparkling water is just water with fizz. Fizz? Yes, call it fizz, bubbles, gas or by its technical name – Carbon Dioxide. Sparkling water is fizzy water. 

People often ask us what the difference is between soda and sparkling water is, and we think we have a decent analogy for it. Sparkling water is like biryani, and soda is like pulao. Don’t get us wrong, we quite like pulao, and it’s perfectly delicious. But biryani is just better. 

Sparkling water is like biryani, and soda is like pulao.

Of course, we should be a bit more technical about it, so allow us to break it down.

Source of water: Sparkling water is crafted with natural mineral water. This water contains naturally-occurring minerals and is gathered from a natural source, like a spring or an artesian well. Just like wine, natural mineral waters have their own ‘terroir’, or natural environment from where they’re sourced. So just like the wines from the Loire Valley, Burgundy, and Bordeaux, waters from different regions will each have a completely unique taste. 

Strength of carbonation: Sparkling water is designed to be consumed as is, and therefore the strength of carbonation is tailored accordingly. If is often classified in four categories: effervescent (smallest bubbles), light, classic and bold (largest bubbles).

Soda on the other hand, can be made by simply carbonating any purified water that’s available. They are carbonated very strongly (Super strong is outside the above categorization :D).

We love fizzy water in all its forms and if we can't get our hands on a bottle of sparkling water, we might consider drinking soda. We love our biryani, but we do have the occasional pulao day too.


Next up "sparkling water brands", "sparkling water price" and "sparkling water in India"

So where can you get sparkling water in India?

The popularity of the drink is still bubbling up a bit slowly. Brands like Perrier and San Pellegrino can be spotted at some of the fancier supermarkets, and local bigwigs like Himalaya and Catch are also entering the fray. Except all of these are a little expensive. 

Boca’s is joining in to speed things up a bit, and we are proud to be India's first independent sparkling water brand. While Boca is sourced and bottled in Himachal Pradesh, you don’t have to go very far to find your first bottle. In fact, if you’ve recently searched for “sparkling water near me”, you know it’s just a click away. Even better, each bottle of Boca is just 50 bucks a pop, so you can enjoy that cool, fizzy freshness this summer, without sweating about the price. For you Delhi NCR folks, it’s now being stocked at all Modern Bazaar outlets!


And now on to (probably) a big question you might have:, "sparkling water benefits". 

Why should you drink sparkling water?

We have a long list, and since we all have short attention spans, we will get to those in detail in another post, but we will start with the simplest: Fizz without the guilt.

  • Our love for aerated drinks includes a constant battle with sugar (and our waistlines). But who can deny the allure of the fizz, it is so refreshing and goes well with every single meal. Can we get the fizz without the bad stuff?
  • Sparkling water provides a delightful alternative, without that devilishly delicious sweetness that we’re all struggling to avoid.
  • It’s completely calorie-free! It is water, after all, so try as you might, you won’t find a single calorie anywhere in a bottle of Boca.

Toss in a few chopped fruits for some flavour, and you couldn’t ask for a better summer drink.

Don’t tell us that doesn’t look AMAZING! (Credits for cut fruit and photography: Upasana Nath)

So to recap, no sugar, no calories, yes fizz, cool and refreshing, and it can be the base for any number of delicious drinks. Sounds pretty great to us! 

We’ll have plenty more great stuff for you lovely people in our next few posts - maybe a few cocktail recipes, maybe even something nerdy about the chemistry behind the beverage itself and some super cool scientific benefits. Until then, why not order your first batch of Boca? It’s getting warmer outside, so it’s the perfect time to give it a try. 

Until next time, may the fizz be with you!

PS. We didn't quite get to "sparkling water in Hindi". Maybe चमकदार पानी can be a thing. Suggestions welcome!